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Basic Tune-up

Our Basic Tune-up includes adjusting the gears, checking the derailleur adjustments, as well as, checking the dropout/derailleur hanger for proper alignment. Adjustment of the brakes: Align the pads with the rim, surface the brake pads and adjust cable tension. On disc brakes we will de-glaze the pads, reset the pistons as needed and align the caliper for clearance and peak performance. The chain is checked for stretch/wear and lubricated. We also check the bearings in the headset, bottom bracket, and hubs and adjust them properly where applicable. We inspect the pivots on full suspension bikes and check all bolts and fasteners and torque them to the manufacturer’s proper specification. We also true the rims, making sure that they are not only true side to side but also round, and that the spokes have correct tension.

Major Tune-up

The Major Tune-up includes all of the adjustments of the Basic Tune-up, such as adjusting gears, brakes, wheel truing, inspecting and adjusting bearings in the headset, bottom bracket, and hubs and checking all fasteners and torqueing them to the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, the Major Tune-up includes removal of the chain, rear cassette and crankset. These items are carefully degreased and cleaned to remove the accumulation of lubricants and other contaminants that trap dirt and accelerate wear. We also wipe/clean the entire bike with a special bike polish to make your cherished investment look as good or better than the day you purchased it.

With over 70 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves with providing the best service possible, so included in our Tune-ups we offer a 30 day warranty on the service that was provided.

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